Motorcycle GPS: what are the criteria for the chosen one?

For motorcyclists who make frequent trips to unknown places, the GPS motorcycle is very useful. Which GPS motorcycle to choose to meet the specifics of a two-wheeler?

The essential features of the GPS motorcycle

Although the purpose of a GPS motorcycle is identical to that of GPS car, there are three specificities to consider when buying the device. You should read reviews before purchasing GPS on .

  • Thereadability: it must be optimal so that the pilot can see his screen efficient and above all fast. When buying, test this readability by putting the GPS motorcycle at the distance to which it will be installed. Put on your helmet and lower the visor to put you in conditions close to reality. Rain and fog are factors that affect the vision of the screen, which requires that it can provide sufficient contrast.
  • The ergonomics: No question of having to operate a series of commands for common functions. The buttons of a motorcycle GPS must be able to be operated precisely, even with gloves.
  • The water resistant: this is an important aspect since a two-wheeler is exposed to the weather.

In principle, the 100% motorcycle GPS is waterproof and designed to easily attach to a two-wheeled, but are often expensive.

The secondary options of the motorcycle GPS

  • The extent of the cardsis a major aspect. It all depends on the use, maps covering the whole of Europe being of no use if you only drive on the  French motorways. The more a GPS motorcycle has an extensive library and the more expensive it is.
  • The voice guidanceis particularly interesting on motorcycle. The connection can be made via Bluetooth or a standard jack. The advantage of taking is to be unplugged instantly if you do not want to be bothered by the voice. This classic solution does not consume energy, unlike Bluetooth.
  • Foodis another criterion of choice. Some models are self-powered, others draw their energy from the battery, and others are mixed. The first system to be autonomous and therefore it can be used as a motorcycle than in walks

Simple but secure mounting

The last aspect to check is the system of fixing the GPS motorcycle. It must be strong due to repeated shocks due to uneven pavement, but must also withstand vibration. The fastening system must at the same time allow a quick assembly and disassembly of the GPS motorcycle. No question indeed to leave the device in place during a stop, even a few minutes.

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