How to Prepare for a CBT Test

If you have ever wanted to ride a bike on the road, you need to take a Compulsory Basic Training test. Although there are now proper clothes and safety helmets designed to lower the chance of injury in the case of an accident, remember that you also stand at risk due to other drivers around you. So the CBT test makes sure you ride safely and carefully on the road. Let’s quickly walk through the five main sections of the test so that you know exactly what to expect when preparing for a CBT test.

The test lasts one entire day, so do take that into account when reserving your date and make sure that you plan the rest of your schedule accordingly. The five sections are as follows:

• Introduction and eyesight testing
• On-site training
• On-site riding
• On-road training
• On-road riding

Introduction and Eyesight Testing

You will be told about the test, including what the test allows you to do and what to expect from the day ahead. This phase will involve a little paperwork, as well as a check on your license and eyesight. You will be educated regarding any legal requirements for riding a bike. In case you don’t have your riding gear, you will be allowed to get one.

On-site Training

This usually takes place in a wide space. The instructor explains different control mechanisms of the bike. You can also try walking and holding the bike to check out how much it weighs, and test out the side stand.

On-site Riding

After the instructor is certain that you can move forward, you are allowed to mount the bike and start it. The instructor will observe how comfortably you can start and stop the bike and how well you ride straight and maneuver corners. Most people are asked to ride through a circuit which can help the rider in becoming more familiar with the vehicle itself and learn how to balance well.

On-road Training

After you have become familiar with the bike, you will go through the theoretical components of the test in a classroom. Here, you will be made familiar with the Highway Code, road positioning, legal considerations, and other relevant topics.

On-road Riding

If you have made your way through the first four parts, you are now equipped to actually ride your bike out on the road! You will be given a radio device so that you can stay in touch with your instructor. This part of the test typically takes approximately two hours. During this time, the instructor will carefully be observing you to see how well you understand the workings of the bike as well as the rules to follow on the road.

Now that you know what to expect in the CBT test and how to prepare for it, the next step is really simple: get in touch with London Motorcycle Training and book your test now!

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