5 Bike Tour Destinations You Need to Visit This Christmas

Winter is considered to be the best time of the year by some. No heat to drain you of your energy and no rain to drench you on your way to work. Winters offer peace and a cozy feeling which does not allow you to get off your bed and start working like a clock! If you are among those who love to unwind during Christmas, here is a list of places you can go on a trip to:

Bike Tour Destinations You Need to Visit

#1 Manali to Leh Highway

Cruising through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country will fill you with a sense of calm and ease. The stretch is around 472.8 kilometers and may take an entire day to complete. this route is a biker’s dream. You can halt at a safe location and take a ton of pictures that would last a lifetime. However, consider going on a road trip in winter, only if you can bear the cold and think of surviving blocks and blocks of snow.

#2 Shillong to Cherrapunjee

You can explore the eastern regions of the country by going on a road trip in Meghalaya. This will be a rather short ride of 53.9 kilometers, but every second will be worth the effort. You will come across drizzles, waterfalls, caves, villages and a cliched scenery during your ride. Don’t forget to hog on some fantastic local delicacies on the way.

#3 Mumbai to Pune

If you live in Mumbai city, this route would not be unfamiliar to you. For those who will be visiting the region for the first time will be delighted to take a trip through this route. One of the must-try things while on a ride is to savor ‘chikki’ in Lonavala. Chikki is a sweet dish often made with nuts and jaggery. Compare it to your protein bar and you will never buy the commercial one again. The Mumbai-Pune expressway is 93 km long and considered one of the best road trips in India.

#4 Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

This is a stretch where the Bay of Bengal and the Eastern Ghats in Visakhapatnam meet. You will experience the beauty of nature through streams, waterfalls, and pristine greenery. Winter is the best season to plan a road trip in these regions. The road spans about 116 km and the main attractions are Borra caves and Tatipudi Reservoir on the way. If you have a thing for riding in the ghats, this trip is created for you.

#5 Shimla to Manali via Mandi

If you live in the western parts of the country, you might long for winters and the pleasant weather it brings along. To heighten the feeling, do consider going on a road trip from Shimla to Manali via Mandi. This is a 250-kilometer stretch that requires a little longer owing to a hilly and slightly difficult terrain. This road is not for the weak-hearted.

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