10 Essentials to Check While Planning Your Long-Distance Bike Tour

Bikers consider a road trip as the ultimate high. Zooming around roads with a scenic backdrop is something that most hardcore bikers fantasize about. Whether you are riding solo or with a gang of like-minded individuals, you need to take adequate precaution and ensure that safety measures are followed all the time. Read ahead to know 10 essentials including buying online two wheeler insurance to check while planning your long-distance bike tour.

  • Service your bike

A well-oiled machine functions optimally. Apart from the basic servicing essentials like oil change, chain lubrication, etc. you need to address specific issues, if any. Speak to your mechanic in detail about the nature of your road trip and get your bike serviced accordingly.

  • Test ride

Go on a short ride just before you are going to embark on your road trip. Probably a day before your big day. This way, if there are any chinks in the armor, they can be mended and damage can be averted.

  • Fuel

You need to be meticulous about fuel usage. Some basic mathematics can prove beneficial. Know your bike’s mileage, fuel capacity and the distance between fuel stations. Plan your fuel refilling sessions accordingly. You don’t want to be stranded in a distant mountain range without fuel!

  • Food items

Avoid oily and fried stuff on a long-distance trip. Carry protein bars and home-made snacks. Ensure to stay hydrated, refill your water bottle from time to time.

  • Gear

Helmet, gloves, headband, mask, jacket, and knee caps are popular items that fall under the biker gear category. Remember to place substance over style when it comes to choosing such gear. The primary aim of safety gear is to act as a first line of defense in case of a mishap. Such gear needs to be comfortable as well.

  • First-aid kit

Keeping a compact first-aid kit can come in handy during emergency situation. Basics such as bandage, antiseptic, antibiotics, etc. need to be kept in a first-aid kit. If you need specific type of medication, ensure that you have enough of it for your trip.

  • Map

With the rise in internet connectivity, it is natural to depend on your mobile phone for maps, shortest route, etc. however, it is not advisable to totally be reliant on mobile phones. Keep a physical map of your trip in your bag so that you can stay on the right road even if your mobile phone’s battery dies on you.

  • Checkpoints

Long road trips can get challenging health-wise. Plan your road trip in such a manner that you have frequent checkpoints. These checkpoints can act as a resting point, replenishment point, refueling point, etc.

  • Back-up

It is good to think positive and hope for the best. However, you need to create a contingency plan as well. Having a back-up plan can act as a mental cushion. Your subconscious mind will know that even if things do not go as per plan A, there is a plan B to fall back on.

  • Online two-wheeler insurance

Insuring your bike with an insurance policy is mandatory. If you do not have a bike insurance policy or it is about to expire, online two-wheeler insurance is the right choice for you. Whether it is a new bike insurance policy or second-hand bike insurance policy, bike insurance online is the way to go. It is not necessary to purchase new bike insurance from your dealer, you can check bike insurance online for low prices and ideal coverage.

Ensure to make an informed decision while purchasing bike insurance online. Ride safely, be alert, and enjoy the journey.

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