Things to consider to avoid moving delays

When moving, with so many moving pieces, delays may seem inevitable. However, iron-wrought planning skills and proper attention to detail may help you escape the worst of the delays. Interested in making the most out of your moving experience, without having to wait for your items to arrive while seated on the porch?

Want to know how to make your long-distance moving go smoothly? Here’s the best advice on the Internet, from Express Moving Van Lines – a well-known company of cross-country movers, here to make your life easier. Follow these tips and have a punctual move!

1.      Get the right company

When selecting the moving company, take a good look at the reviews. Do they have only positive reviews, or are there some particularly bad impressions left by unhappy customers? Are delays a sizable part of the reviews? Finally – what expectations and guarantees does the company provide? Here you should ask the moving company directly, as well as look over any contract clauses. Most companies won’t provide a complete guarantee but instead answer with a hopefully satisfying time interval, which you can then work into your schedule.

Unless you’re paying good money for it, or this is one of the company’s main/only selling points, avoid movers who claim to have moving day guarantees. Any number of things can happen during the move – a well-developed and trustworthy moving company can recognize that.

2.      Plan for moving early

Leaving things to the last minute is one of the easiest ways of heightening the risk of there being delays and paying a premium on movers’ quotes. After all, when planning your move at the last minute, thousands of minute details may be lost, which can shape the entire course of your move for the worse. Now, by planning, you may build a more correct, thorough, and in-depth view of what the move will look like – and plan for any inconsistencies, obstacles, or other impediments to getting there on time.

To add to it, financial decisions become far starker in the face of late-planning, as you’re pinned in a tricky situation, economically speaking. The house moving costs increase considerably, while the payoff – the actual benefit to these payments gets diminished.

3.      Communication

It’s no secret that moving is a busy, involved process. However, one of the best ways to speed up the process involves ensuring thorough, efficient communication takes place. The reasoning is simple – the more you ensure your needs are understood, the more you help the bureaucracy along – the more you will get where you want, faster.

By staying in direct communication with the various companies involved in your move, the sellers and buyers of the house, the various authorities involved in changing your address – the more efficient the move will be. Remember – each delay can incur further delays down the road (not having the proper document at the right time, not having started a different part of the process yet). So be swift, and well organized – and most of all, ensure a free flow of communication.

4.      Have back-up plans

Planning on moving with kids? Ask a close family member if you can drop them off, in case of necessity, during the moving day. Have pets? Arrange for a friend to sit with them in case of an emergency as you move. In other words – prepare for things to go wrong. The simple truth is that these plans will likely come in handy, as no move occurs perfectly as planned. Having something in mind for when it inevitably does go wrong, will make your life, as well as your apartment movers’ life that much easier.

For more tips, feel free to contact Express Moving Van Lines and get recommendations from experts on your move!


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