Mistakes people make when doing self-installations

There is something about leather car seats that just up the cool factor of any car. Not all cars have them, though. So you do the next best thing – get car seat covers.

You’re excited that you got a Clazzio seat cover, but you want to ensure that you do it correctly. Otherwise you risk wasting both time and money. We are here to help you by showing you some mistakes people make when doing self-installations.

Not Getting the Correct Model

 Car seat covers are made for specific models of cars – the engineers have measured the dimensions of those makes and models. The covers will only perfectly fit the seats for the particular car. Otherwise, it won’t work.

So be sure to double-check the box to ensure that it is your car’s make and model. These car seats are not one-size-fits-all. That little bit of due diligence can pay off big for you.

Trying to Do It In a Hurry

Yes, you want to have your car have that new leather seat smell, don’t you? But you want those seats to look and fit just right. Otherwise it’s not going to be a fun drive for you.

Pay close attention to the directions. See what order they tell you to put certain things on which areas of the seat. A little extra time will go a long way toward your having excellent looking seats.

Not Paying Attention To The Side Airbag

While the vast majority of car seat covers are designed to not interfere with side-airbag deployment, you want to make sure that you are not going to have that problem yourself. Otherwise you risk having a major problem later if you do wind up in an accident and something goes wrong. Then you will wish you had double-checked.

Follow the instructions closely and check to see if there is any kind of obstruction going on. If so, double-check and redo it if necessary. This is one area that you do now want to take shortcuts with.

Installing car seat covers like the ones from Clazzio are fairly easy, but they will be even easier if you make sure that you follow the steps above. Then you will be able to have great-looking leather car seats that look like they are fresh out of the factory. It will be a true thrill to go for a drive each and every day.

Author bio-

Catalina Auer has been working with Clazzio Direct to ensure cars and trucks have the best looking leather seats possible.


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