Marine Services and the Trade War

Marine Services

The trade war between China and the United States continues to rage on despite calls from around the world to end this dispute. President Trump believes he is playing a masterful game of chess, but he is placing the world economy in a peculiar place at this time. With the president’s temperament, it is impossible to determine when or if he will ever concede. As of today, there was a positive update about talks between these two nations. President Trump vowed to take a softer stance on the protests that are currently taking place in Hong Kong. China most likely appreciates this hands-off approach to a rare public dispute taking place in this nation. With the trade war hurting imports across the world, places like Palm Beach continue to suffer. If you are in the business of international trade in this area, it would be wise to consult with marine services Palm Beach County.

American Companies Want This War to End

You know things are getting to a desperate state when organizations such as Walmart are calling for this trade war to end. Many people have doubts about this organization due to how they pay employees and do not offer benefits. With this said, they are the largest big box store in the country and are an essential indicator for the health of the United States economy. One of Walmart’s suppliers claims that operations in China are struggling and need this trade war to end quickly. However, as it stands, there is currently no end in sight. With the presidential election approaching, President Trump will likely use this fragility to his advantage. Since the trade war is negatively affecting margins, most of the major players in this sector have remained stagnant. No one is willing to take risks during a time of considerable uncertainty across the world.

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