How to Avoid Unexpected Repairs

My car won’t start! Sound familiar? Let’s hope not, but if it does, those who own cars know the sound of a dead battery. It’s the sound of nothing when you turn the key. 

There’s never a good time for a dead battery or a blown tire. Car trouble is a universal language, though; everyone understands the inconvenience, especially the expense. 

Unfortunately, if your car is older, you may as well face it: you will have occasional unexpected car trouble. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor is here to get you back on the road.

Ask anyone about the downside of owning a car, and they are likely to tell you it’s car repairs. If you’re handy with tools and tinkering with cars in the driveway, you probably have a few skills for when car problems crop up. If not, you’re like the rest of us; you rely on mechanics and hope they’ll deal with you fairly and honestly.

Signs of Unexpected Michigan Car Repairs

No matter what car repairs you’ve encountered, you’ve likely had the same issues as others. Here’s what unexpected car repairs look like in Michigan:

You’re running late; it’s white-out conditions. You think you’ll be just fine because you’ve lived here and could practically drive these roads with your eyes closed. So you scrape the snow off the car, and off you go. 

Not so fast! The neighbor was friendly enough to use the snowblower to clear your driveway, but there’s a blanket of white stuff covering the street, and you can’t see the side of the road. You should turn back. Are you listening? You should turn back! But you forge ahead because your boss told you that if you were late one more time…well, you get the picture. 

What happens next? The street and the side of the road become one big blur, and before you know it, you’re in a ditch. Luckily, these are the days of cell phones, and you can call for help.

Here’s another unexpected car repair you might find in Michigan:

You get out on the road in the winter, and you’ve got a flat. You realize you should have considered a set of snow tires. 

Naturally, not everyone can fix cars, so unless you have someone you can call for help, you may be waiting for quite a while on the side of the road.‌ Luckily, you’ve always got auto repair options at Ann Arbor. We’ll tow your car 24/7 and have you out of the cold in no time. 

The certified mechanics at Complete Auto Service always explain what caused your car problems so you can avoid similar issues in the future. 

The prudent thing to do is take preventive measures. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee you won’t have car problems, but it helps to know some things you can do to keep yourself from running into the same trouble in the future. 

Michigan Car Repairs 

Frigid temperatures are the norm for the Great Lakes State. And when your car is at risk, so are you.  

These are some of the effects of freezing climates:

Dead battery: your car doesn’t run without the battery. Nothing works without the battery, not the heater, your lights, fog lights, or even the windshield wipers. Freezing temperatures put extra strain on the battery, and when that happens, your battery can die. 

Tire pressure: extreme weather has adverse effects. Cold weather causes the pressure to decrease. 

Frozen gas line: frigid temperatures can cause the gas in the line to freeze. 

Prevention for Unexpected Michigan Car Repairs

You can choose not to be a target of winter weather by maintaining your car in winter-ready condition. 

Top off your gas! Don’t let it dip below half a tank, because that’s just an invitation for running out of gas. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, you could be at risk if your heater runs for a while. 

Check your tire pressure often. Weather changes cause tire pressure to drop, and the last thing you want is a blowout. 

Check the fluids in your car regularly. 

Replenish the coolant often.

Keep your windshield wiper fluid full; you could need it during a snowstorm or when passing motorists fling dirty snow.

Emergency Supplies

Stock your car with blankets, extra clothing, socks, boots, warm hats, and gloves. 

Food: Always stock your car with things like granola bars, crackers, peanut butter, chocolate bars, and lots of water. 

Staples: Never leave home without a cellphone, extra charger (charging cord), first aid supplies, extra medicines, flashlights with extra batteries, and a roadside emergency kit with a flare.

The American Red Cross website has a complete list of safety supplies.

We need our cars for every reason we can imagine and for unexpected emergencies. Having your vehicle inspected for fluids, battery, good wiring, and other roadworthy prevention is responsible.

The best way to prevent unexpected car repairs is to seek a trusted mechanic who can regularly inspect your car. Complete Auto Repair Service is Ann Arbor’s ‌preferred repair shop for a reason: our certified technicians always perform every job to top-notch satisfaction.

We stand by our workmanship as if our own families are driving off the lot: no ‌ half-hearted work, only the assurance of first-rate performance.

You’ll never see us work on your vehicle without your understanding and consent, and there will never be any hidden charges—only our commitment to service. 

Ann Arbor has a reputation for brutal weather. Our reputation speaks for itself; we are the best car maintenance and repair shop in Ann Arbor.

It’s your job to maintain your car in good condition. It’s our job to serve our customers with integrity. Give us a call at Complete Auto Service today.

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