Helpful Tips for New Truck Drivers

Trucking is the perfect profession for people looking to break free of their everyday surroundings and traditional workplaces. While making deliveries all around the country, drivers are able to take in an abundance of beautiful sights and travel to destinations they’d only dreamed about. In addition, many logistics company provide drivers with generous starting salaries and comprehensive hands-on training. However, this isn’t to say that trucking is easy. While transporting cargo from one location to another may look easy on paper, trucking requires tremendous fortitude, concentration and vehicular expertise. Fledgling drivers who are just getting their start are sure to benefit from the following pointers.


Dehydration is never a good thing. In addition to resulting in decreased energy levels, dehydration has been linked to slow reaction times and diminished focus. Given how much time truckers spend on the road, this is not an attractive prospect. When operating a big rig – or any vehicle, for that matter – focus and concentration are vitally important. Not only are you putting your own safety at risk by not staying properly hydrated, you’re endangering the life of every motorist you encounter. With this in mind, truckers should make a point of always keeping water within easy reach.

Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits

Like dehydration, sleep deprivation stands to compromise your safety – as well as the safety of other motorists. Whether you have problems falling asleep or are actively depriving yourself of rest in order to meet a deadline, lack of sleep is an all-too-common safety hazard for truck drivers. In order to do your job safely and efficiently, you’ll need between seven and eight hours of sleep every night – even if this means being a little late with a delivery. Trucking requires consistent alertness, which is virtually impossible to maintain in the absence of a good night’s sleep.

Speak Up When You Encounter Problems

Should you encounter problems while en route to a destination, it’s important to bring this to the attention of your company’s fleet monitors. With the help of cutting-edge fleet management software, these individuals are able to pinpoint your exact location at the drop of a hat. This ensures that someone will be there to assist you whenever you experience vehicle issues, hazardous weather or dangerous road conditions. Additionally, if you ever fall ill or incur a serious injury behind the wheel, knowing that someone has your back can provide you with incredible peace of mind.

Trucking isn’t for everyone. After all, a career in logistics requires incredible dedication, attention to detail and hard work. However, for those who make the cut, truck driving can be a consistently rewarding way to earn one’s livelihood. As is the case with most careers, practice makes perfect for fledgling truck drivers. Even if you go into the job thinking you have all the knowledge you’ll need, you’re bound to pick up a number of tricks along the way. New truckers who are eager to learn the ropes can set the stage for lasting success with the previously discussed tips.

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