Hail Damage: A Quick Guide for Your Vehicle

Colorado is no stranger to hail. The frozen water can be as small as a centimeter or as large as several inches in diameter, but any size can cause damage to your vehicle. The bigger the hail, the more damage can be done to your car. From small dents to broken windshields, repairs can become expensive if you aren’t careful. This guide can help you protect your car and learn how to fix it if you do receive damage.

Protecting Your Car From Hail

Of course, you probably want to avoid hail damage altogether, which means you need to take some extra precautions when the weather is bad. The easiest way to protect your car from hail damage is to park in a garage whenever possible. If you have one at home, clean out the old bikes and tools and use it for your car. If you have the option to use a parking garage while you work, do so.

Sometimes, you’re already driving or you can’t avoid driving during a hail-producing storm. While there isn’t much you can do to protect yourself from hail in this situation, it is still important to take steps to protect your vehicle (and yourself) from other storm damage. If the rain becomes too intense for you to see, pull over until it eases up. Avoid driving through floodwater as well. Even a small amount can damage your car or put you in danger.

Taking Care of Hail Damage

If your vehicle is already damaged because of hail, you may need to repair it. Small dents or other imperfections can wait, if necessary, but larger repairs, such as broken mirrors or windshields, must be handled immediately.

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, chances are your policy will cover the damages for you. However, without the right insurance, some auto repair shops will try to gouge you. To ensure this doesn’t happen, research first. Look for auto shops that are experienced with hail damage repair Lakewood CO. Get estimates, compare reviews, and verify licenses before hiring anyone.

Hail is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay high costs for repairs. Taking precautionary steps and knowing how to find a fair price from an auto garage will help you get through the next storm season.

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