Four Ways To Make Travel Easier

Many people like to travel—it provides mental and emotional benefits and can be a lot of fun. However, travel can also be a hassle. Whether you travel for work or recreation, here are four ways to make the experience a little easier.


Peer rating and review sites make it possible to get local insiders’ perspectives on just about every attraction, lodging and dining option in an area. Reach out to colleagues, friends and your Facebook crowd for recommendations from those who know your personality and interests. Once you have things narrowed down, explore websites of individual attractions and determine which seem most intriguing to you.

Don’t Drive

Save yourself the hassles and safety hazards of car rental. Driving an unfamiliar car on strange roads can spell disaster, and the stress may ruin the whole vacation. Commercial driving services, both public and private, can be better options for trips of any length. For example, taking a shuttle bus from houston to galveston, Texas allows you to go from airport to cruise ship seamlessly, or even book a limo to ensure an exciting and safe night on the town.

Plan Ahead

Some people relish spontaneity but leaving everything to chance is rarely a good idea; even vacations benefit from a little structure. The key is balance. To achieve the best equilibrium of predictability and flexibility plan one activity and two meals each day, then leave the rest to chance and whimsy.

Budget Carefully

If you have done thorough research and adequate planning you should have an accurate idea of what a trip will cost. However, that figure is still an estimate and unforeseen expenses may crop up suddenly. Many people find it helpful to pad their estimates by 10-15% to avoid running out of cash before the end of the trip. The farther away from home your destination, the larger your financial cushion should be.

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