Tips to choose ideal wedding car for the Wedding day!

The wedding car is one of the essential parts for an unforgettable ceremony. This article presents five of the most popular models for a wedding. We also give you some tips to help you make your choice, and find the wedding car that suits you best!

 The 5 most popular wedding car models

Do you like a ladybug, a convertible or a luxury car? Each couple will have a different idea of ​​the ideal wedding car. For this unique day, do not jump at random: take the time to choose the model that suits you best.

Below, we offer a brief presentation of 5 vehicles acclaimed by the newlyweds. Rental companies allow to offer a dream model for a day. From classic car to convertible, here are some perfect models for the big day.

5 essential models:

  • The vintage car
  • The carriage
  • Sports convertible
  • Limousine
  • The Cabriolet

Travel back in time with a vintage car

Leave the town hall or the church behind the wheel of a vintage car: the dream for many newlyweds! Collector cars are not lacking, and it is possible to rent them at an affordable price for the occasion. A car is considered a collector’s model when it was put into circulation more than 30 years ago, and the restorations have not distorted its original style. The opportunity to go back in time, and bring a touch of originality and elegance to his wedding.

A romantic horse carriage ride

Rather than opt for a classic wedding car, some couples make an unusual choice: a carriage ride. In addition to the romantic aspect, the carriage is an opportunity, as with a vintage car, to travel back in time! Nothing prevents the carriage in a carriage, whether in town or in the countryside. Make sure the provider is serious before making your choice. Remember also that in the carriage, the travel time will be considerably longer.

A sporty and elegant convertible

For a more modern twist, the sports car is a fairly common choice for a wedding. Some opt for a convertible model. It is still necessary that the good weather is part of it! Porsche, Aston Martin: Rental companies offer a wide range of luxury sports models.

The prices are of course quite high, even for a few hours rental. Also plan a considerable deposit for luxury models.

For an unforgettable ceremony, a chauffeured limousine

You will find easily providers such as who provide models of limousine and also offer newlyweds to be driven by a driver. Ideal for a romantic trip, but also to welcome other passengers and give a taste of the party! The limousine is spacious enough for very bulky dresses, unlike smaller collection models.

Both vintage and sporty: the cabriolet

Whatever the style that suits you, the convertible adapts easily to your desires. Some models are available for rent: you can opt for a sporty and modern cabriolet, or for an older model, if you want a vintage touch. The convertible can be one of the highlights of the day, especially for a wedding in summer.

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