Stag Limousine Rental Indianapolis

If you live in Indianapolis and you are planning a stag party, there are numerous things to do. From the traditional hens night to lingerie parties you can find them all in Indianapolis. When planning Antique Limousine of Indianapolis for your close friend or relative, you should go all out. Since it will be the last time your friend or relative will be spending with you as a single person, it is important that you make it as memorable as possible. When planning the party, make sure you first talk to the bachelorette and find out what she is interested in doing on the night.

You can do many things during a stag limousine rental. The first is to hold a lingerie show. The bachelorette will appreciate this especially if she loves shopping for and wearing sexy lingerie pieces. There are lingerie stores in Indianapolis that hold bridal showers and bachelorette parties. The show will give the bachelorette the chance to see lingerie colors and styles in vogue. What is more, it serves as an opportunity for her to pick out something that she can wear on her honeymoon. Holding a lingerie party is a wonderful and memorable way for the bachelorette to bond with her friends.

Strip clubs and a stag limousine rental are synonymous. Going to a strip club is considered a must-do for those holding bachelorette parties. However, what if the bachelorette does not want to go a strip club? There is something unexpected and tones of fun that she can do and this attending a strip tease session or class. Here, she will learn how to pull off moves seen on professional strippers. There are locations within Indianapolis that offer pole dancing and strip tease classes. The classes may be taken in a group. Conversely, if the bachelorette is shy and would rather do it alone, private sessions are also available.

The last idea for a Stag Limousine Rental Indianapolis is boogie bus bar crawl. There are many trendy clubs, pubs and bars in Indianapolis. For the bachelorette party, you could hire a boggie bus and use it to pub-crawl. The bus picks you up on your doorstep and takes you to all the latest pubs and hotspots within the city. Experienced chauffeurs drive the buses. Therefore you can drink to your hearts content as you will not be anywhere near the steering wheel. Make sure however, that you are dress to impress when going pub-crawling and do not forget to have fun.

Limousines are wonderful additions to Stag parties and planning one would not be complete if the limo was missing. One way to make a stag Limousine Rental Indianapolis memorable is to hire a limousine to drive the bachelorette and her friends around. There are different types of limos to choose from including the traditional stretch limo, the SUV, hummer, sedan, Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade. The type of limo chosen depends on the budget and the number of people to be transported. Go on make it a night to remember.

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