Now you can rent a luxury limo for any occasion  

Limousines: they are nice cars which people dream about driving or riding in, but which few ever have the opportunity to experience. That is until now. This is because is offering people living in Sydney, Australia limos for rent at reasonable prices, and judging by our amazing sales and growth in recent years, our long-term prospects are bright.

We are Sydney Limo and we provide prestigious limousine services which anyone can afford for any occasion. The process is simple, prospective clients fill out an online form to receive a quote. If they like the quote, they call us to close the deal. We have a strong customer base because we only stock the best quality and most appealing limousines in our fleet. This combined with the many years of experience that our drivers who have excellent driving records possess ensures that our customers enjoy our services and use them for all of their black tie occasions. We also have a growing customer base which comes from referrals because of our high levels of customer satisfaction.

We have strict criteria when we hire our drivers and buy our limos. We do this because we value our customers and their safety. In fact, customer safety is our number one priority. We only hire those drivers with no accidents or traffic violations who have been driving for at least 15 consecutive years. It is their stellar driving record that assures our customers and gives them the confidence to use our services when need be. We also check the model, make, and safety record of the limos we buy. We make sure that the limos we buy are in mint condition. This is a quality control method which ensures our customers’ safety by ensuring that they are being driven around in safe cars with an excellent track record in terms of safety and driving quality.

We offer many services including: executive and corporate services, private transfers, private limo parties, wedding car hires, and general tours around Sydney. Our executives love our services because they like to be pampered, and because they like to ride in style. Our newlyweds want to memorialize their special day and love our services because we offer them a pleasant and unforgettable experience which they will remember for years to come. Our private transfers like our services because they like to ride in style. People who attend proms and other lavish parties like our services because they want to ride around in style, be pampered, and be comfortable while being driven around. Finally, people who want to take private tours of Sydney love our limos because they offer a comfortable driving experience while allowing them to experience the best of Sydney as tourists.


Many people believe that they can only dream about being driven around in a luxury limo like the rich and famous in this world can. However, Sydney Limo offers quality limos and drivers at affordable prices. We are transforming the limo rental business in this way!

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