Mini Coaches Vs Limo

Group traveling invloves having lots of people traveling together so we have to have a mini coach or a bus for the traveling. The enitre group can pile into a bus and have all the fun together by playing music , enjoying food and drinks and they don’t have to worry about parking space, routes, driving and will have no problem in getting drunk at all. Limo and mini coaches are no doubt one of the most luxuruios coaches in the world and at Toronto Limousine Rental we have a fleet for your choice. They may seem similar to normal coaches but they are totally different as far as the luxury and comfort is concerned.

Groups Facilities

We have the capacity of seating for groups upto 37 people, mini coaches seat up to 35 while the luxurious limo coaches seat up to 22. We have a large fleet in which we also offer executive mini.

Caochs to have a luxurious and smooth ride throughout the way. No matter what type of limo service coach you book you always have the ease of exit and entry so the group can get in and out of the vehicle safely and comfortablly.

Seating Facility

Steping inside of a limousine and you will see the executive seating throughout the entire vehicle. Step inside the mini coach and you will see the high back seats with all the comfort and luxury with leather like seating.  With the seat belts and arm rests you can have all the luxury of having a smooth journy. The space between the seats is also really comfortable that you can get comfy at times when you even want to stretch your legs or have your self at ease.

Occassions and Events

The choice of booking will depend on the journey which you are headed to and how many people are traveling along with yourself. You have the option of limosine coach or a luxuruios mini coach depending on the size of the group. Fro a group upto 35 people you can choose the mini coaches because they are ideal for not only airport serevices and corporte meetings but also for the family tours and trips. The mini coaches are the more of a conservative choice as comapred to full luxuruious busses which offer more services and facilities.


The most luxurious and comfortable rides have following facilities which you can have while traveling with us. There is a larger list of facilities but we are just putting few of them for your consideration.

  • Larger and high back seating facility
  • Stereo Sound systems with with easy connectivity
  • Flat Screen LED Television
  • Charging Facility
  • Rear Luggage and Storage Compartments
  • Space for a cooler to stock your cold drinks
  • Individual lights for reading
  • Custom black leather like seating with arm rests
  • Luxurious flooring and ceilings with lights
  • Internet Facility
  • Mini bar and fridge
  • Pull Down Shades for windows
  • Premium sound and lighting systems for your parties

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