Mazda 3 Features

The Mazda 3 is creating an experience that other vehicles just can’t match.

Here is why the Mazda 3 is a powerhouse for its price.

Display Brought to A New Level

Updated Driver Experience

When driving the Mazda 3 you are experiencing peak efficiency. All the information you need as a driver is displayed in front of you without having to divert your attention, so you can focus on the road. If you need more specific information, then the LED instrument panel will provide all other important facts. Combining both informative and efficiency to create a perfect balance of information display.

Interactive Display Screen

The Mazda 3 widescreen 8.8inch interactive display screen is the perfect amount of size for enjoyment and efficiency. This screen has the capability to connect to both Apple and Android phones, perfect for busy people on the go. With this LED screen, you can experience hands-free phone calls, music, maps and more while driving.

A Design That Would Impress Anyone

Mazda is known for creating some visually amazing vehicles and they have done it again with the Mazda 3. By combining different inspirations, the Mazda 3 has a style that highlights shadows, combines both flat and smooth edges and redesigns the standard for what sleek is.

On the interior, this level of the standard continues. Mazda wanted to strengthen the experience between the car and the driver by creating a seamless design. When you enter a Mazda 3 you will notice that the centre console and instrument panel do not overwhelm the design of the inside. On top of this, you also are given heated front seats as well as a heated steering wheel to match.

So Much Customisation

Having a vehicle that is the most visually appealing to you is a key requirement when choosing a car. Mazda is known for having a lot of customisation so that your car is perfect for you. With the exterior offering 8 different design colours and the interior offering 5 different seat variants, that level of variety adds up to 40 different combinations. It’s almost certain that one of these combinations will match what you are looking for to flaunt your style

Controls That Makes You Feel Like an Agent

The new centre console is unlike other vehicles as it looks like it was pulled out of a James Bond movie. The level of control you have over your experience is fantastic. While driving the Mazda 3 Perth you will feel just like a secret agent.

Of course, all these buttons and knobs help you modify certain aspects, so you can be comfortable. With a sleek design that matches the rest of the interior, the Mazda 3 commander console is just awesome.

An Experience Unlike Others

The experience of this vehicle is just amazing and as you have read above you can style it to be perfect for you. While driving this vehicle there is one more feature that you might notice while blasting your favourite tunes. This, of course, is the high-quality Bose speakers that are spread throughout the interior of the vehicle. When listening to your favourite music it will be as if you are at a concert.

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