Know How Bad Driving Can Attract Higher Car Insurance Cost

Driving a car has its share of thrill but one must understand the impact of rash driving on oneself, passengers and others, and avoid it at all costs. One must practice responsible driving all the time. It is understandable that people have meetings to attend and places to reach. Such time-sensitive tasks force drivers to press the accelerator a bit more, overlook the traffic signal, change lanes without warning and indulge in other bad driving scenarios to reach their destination in time. However, the impact of such bad driving has consequences.

Apart from being life threatening, bad driving also has a negative impact on your car insurance prices. Read ahead to know more about how bad driving can lead to higher car insurance prices.

Claims due to bad driving and its impact on car insurance premium

  • Raising a claim

Insurance is a way to minimize financial losses. No one looks forward to raising a claim. It is done in case of a mishap, such as an accident. Bad driving can lead to a minor or major accident and in turn lead to a claim. This means, along with recovering from the unfortunate incident that caused damage to your car, you have to spend time and energy on settling claims. Although online car insurance processes have made claim settlement easy, it is still a deviation from your daily routine and something that is not desired.

  • Losing No Claim Bonus

Once you raise a claim during the policy period, you miss out on the No Claim Bonus. This way, the cost of insuring your car increases during policy renewal. No Claim Bonus can be as high as 50% if a claim is not raised for five consecutive years. Therefore, imagine the hike in car insurance premium you need to face because of one claim.

  • Recurring Claims

Continuous bad driving can not only damage your car but also damage your reputation as a driver. If you keep raising claims for car-related damages on a regular basis, your car insurance company might increase your car insurance premium when you apply for car insurance renewal.

List of activities that are considered as bad driving

Car accidents can be lethal, they can even claim lives. Therefore, one must practice good driving and avoid the following:

  • Over speeding
  • Changing lanes without signaling
  • Excessive honking
  • Breaking the signal
  • Not using indicators
  • Not following road signs
  • Daydreaming while driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Speaking on the mobile while driving
  • Not wearing a seat belt while driving

Most of these activities are punishable as per law and can get you in a legal tangle as well.

Good driving practices

  • Follow traffic rules
  • Honk only in unavoidable situations
  • Wear seatbelt and follow other safety instructions
  • Focus on the road
  • Keep an eye on other vehicles on the road
  • Do not be distracted by your mobile
  • Do not drive if you are intoxicated
  • Stay alert
  • Insure your car

Vehicle Insurance Online

We live in the internet age. And it has become extremely easy to purchase vehicle insurance online. You can research for an ideal coverage and purchase it in just a few clicks. To insure your car online, all you need to do is visit the preferred insurer’s website, enter your vehicle-related details, choose the appropriate plan, make the online payment and receive your car insurance policy in your registered email id’s inbox.

Note that buying car insurance once is not enough, you have to keep renewing it from time to time. Make an informed choice, read and understand the inclusions and exclusions of the policy while purchasing or renewing your car insurance policy.

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