How to Determine What Type of Trailer You Need

If you’re buying a trailer for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming when you go to choose from the variety of trailers on the market. Which brand do you choose? What type of trailer? How do you know you’re getting the best quality trailer for the asking price? There are so many questions you might have about trailers, but fortunately there’s one way of cutting through the information overload. Just ask yourself this simple question – what do you want to do with your new trailer? This will slim down your options considerably, as trailers are each tailor made for a different purpose, and the intended purpose of your trailer can guide your purchasing decision. So before you buy, think about what you want to put on your trailer, how you’ll tow it, and how much weight you want to carry. To help you sort through trailers by use, this article describes a number of common trailers, as well as what they’re best used for.

Box Trailers – The Domestic Helpers

If you’re after a trailer for tasks around the family home, such as moving garden waste or taking unwanted items to the tip, then you can’t go past the box trailer. These trailers are known for being quite lightweight and can be towed by a range of vehicles. They’re useful for transporting building materials or other purchases from the hardware store, and can even be used for camping holidays. The Aggregated Trailer Mass (ATM) on box trailers can be anywhere from 500kg to 1,250kg depending on the model and the towing vehicle. The ATM is the maximum recommended combined weight of the trailer and its full load before it’s coupled to a vehicle.

Tandem Trailers – The Commercial/Farming Workhorses

If you want a trailer that can be used for light commercial and/or farming use, then tandem trailers are what you need to be looking at. Your towing vehicle will need to be more heavy duty for these trailers, as they can have a rating of up to 4,500kg ATM. These trailers are commonly used to transport larger loads such as fencing, cattle crushes and farm equipment.

Car and Bike Trailers – For Transporting the Transport

The name gives these trailers away. Yes, they’re specifically used for transporting cars or bikes. These trailers will usually include a ramp for easy loading of the car or bike. It should also feature easy to access points on the trailer where you can use straps or other means of keeping your bike or car securely attached. A bike trailer will have wheel channels to help keep the bike in place on the trailer, while car trailers can be customised for the best fit with your vehicle. ATMs for car and bike trailers can range from 2,000 to 4,500kg.

Tradesman Trailers – For Professional Trades

Tradesman trailers are purpose-designed for use by tradies. They have sections for safe and secure storage of tools, which helps to keep everything organised and within easy reach. Tradesman trailers also usually have room for materials on top of the trailer. You’ll need a larger car or truck to tow these kinds of trailers, as they come in an ATM of between 750 and 1,250 kg. The tops of tradesman trailers can often be removed for extra versatility.

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