Everything You Should Know About Acquiring Your Vehicle MOT: What, When, Where, and Why

The MOT test is an annual test which vehicles in the UK have to go through, and all vehicle owners know this. But what exactly is the test for, and why is it essential? More importantly, when and where should you do it? If you have certain questions about the MOT test and all the details pertaining to it, here’s everything you should know about acquiring your vehicle MOT: what, when, where, and why.

What it is, and when to get it

The MOT test is basically a test that checks to make sure that your vehicle is able to meet the environmental and road safety standards in the UK. If you are driving your vehicle without having it tested, you can be fined as much as £1000.

When it comes to scheduling your MOT, you should schedule it either on the third year anniversary of the registration of your vehicle or on the anniversary of your vehicle’s previous MOT if your vehicle is already over three years old. Bear in mind that there are also vehicles which should have an MOT test even if they are only a year old, such as taxis and ambulances, private vehicles which have more than 9 seats and a maximum of 12 seats, private vehicles which have between 13 to 16 seats, playbuses, and other private vehicles which have more than 16 seats. The good news is, you can get a reminder for your MOT a month prior to your schedule, either by email or text message.

The duration of the MOT

The MOT is valid for one year, and you will know when it runs out by looking at your existing pass certificate, which will indicate the date. You can acquire an MOT for your vehicle up to one month prior to it running out so you can keep the same date of renewal. For instance, if your vehicle MOT will expire on the 15th of May, the earliest time you can get your MOT would be the 16th of April if you would like to keep your existing renewal date.

Of course, you can get your MOT at an earlier date, but the MOT’s renewal date for the next year is going to change to a year minus one day from the vehicle’s previous MOT pass. So, for instance, if your vehicle’s MOT will expire on the 15th of May, you can get your MOT before the 16th of April (the 14th of April, for example), and its date of expiry will then change to the 13th of April the succeeding year.

Reserving and paying for your MOT

To book your MOT, you can only make use of an approved and qualified test centre such as MOT Birmingham specialists like MotorServ-UK. Only centres which show the blue sign along with the three triangles (white) can perform your MOT. You need to contact the centre directly to make your reservation, and the cost can vary depending on the type or kind of vehicle to be tested. For instance, for a standard car, the cost is around £54, and a motorcycle’s MOT test can cost approximately £29. With an MOT, you don’t have to pay any VAT. The bigger the vehicle and the more passengers it can carry, the higher the charge for the MOT.

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