An Introduction to Formula Drift (Formula D)

To get a feel for the sport, we’ve put together an Introduction to Formula Drift, or F1 racing. This video will provide you with a basic overview of the series. It’s a fun and fast-paced competition, and the rules are simple and easy to understand.

Unlike F1 racing, where the rules are complicated, Formula Drift (Formula D) is a series of four rounds that lasts for just one hour. You’ll learn about the cars, teams, and events in this article.


The sport began in Japan in the mid-1970s and was originally called canyon racing. Its popularity spread across the world and some people started taking interest. Some drag racing enthusiasts were drawn to this competition, and the modified cars began appearing in magazines and on the internet.

Eventually, the Formula D team expanded into the United States, where it became a popular spectator sport. Throughout the years, this underground sport has become an international phenomenon.

Several years ago, the series launched on TV. Its co-founders announced it would be televised on ESPN2. Each round is aired on tape-delayed basis and each episode airs in three-hour blocks.

The broadcaster also has its own website where fans can follow all the latest news about the sport. The content is divided into three categories: Behind the Scenes, Behind the Wheel, and The Drift Blog. The Behind the Scenes section will provide a personal account of the series and the drivers’ journeys.

There are seven rounds in the championship. The first round is held on October 15 in Japan, and the winner gets $250,000 for the win. There are also other events during the season, which is why it is widely regarded as the premier North American professional drifting series.

The event has spawned many other motor sports and continues to attract a younger crowd than previous drift series. The season continues to expand and now includes five events a year.

While the sport is relatively young, it is still growing. Throughout the series, it has attracted talent from around the world. Tengku Djan, a Japanese driver, was the first Asian champion.

The first D1GP event was held in Japan in November. The season has been broadcast since then and has a large social following. With so many events, it continues to grow. You can watch a live stream of the event on any of the channels on the Internet.

While there are different series and races in Formula D, it is a popular motorsport. Several different drivers have been known to compete in the D1 Grand Prix and the Formula D1 Grand Prix.

However, there are more ways to participate than just competing in the main series. You can find a feeder series in your area and join it for a single race. There are many other events in the series. You can join one of them or enter one of them.

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