What Exactly Is Bass And What Can It Mean For You?

Whenever we buy a new speaker system or car audio there are several different specs and options that can be adjusted. One of these is bass. But what really is bass and how does it affect your audio quality? Is this something that you need to take into account when organizing your car audio installation?

Join us and find out everything you need to know about bass and how it will affect your audio experience.

How bass affects your sound quality

Bass refers to the lower end of the audio spectrum. These are the low frequencies that we can audibly hear that generally range from about 20 to 150 Hz. Therefore it consists of the larger portion of 3 of the 10 octaves that most people can hear.

The use of bass in music is extremely noteworthy. Whether you are looking for the deep rumble of a bass guitar, the lower keys of a piano, the beautiful rumble of the cello, or the big beat that makes up so much of today’s music, the bass is an essential part of the music industry and changed the whole audio experience.

Without bass, a song can sound flat and soulless but its affect density will vary greatly depending on the song being played and how heavily the beat or melody relies on the lower frequency.

How much bass do you need?

Whilst every sound system has in effect a certain amount of bass, this can be increased greatly with a good quality sound system or an external bass enhancement. Will this make your music sound better? Yes, it most likely will. Do you want the maximum amount of bass in each song? Probably not.

If you were to increase your bass to the maximum level it will drown out the other frequencies and in effect will blur the quality of the audio to a point where all you hear is a bumbling noise of low frequencies which are hard to distinguish from one another when they reach a certain level.

So how much bass is best? Well, whilst this does depend on the genre and song choice, it is usually ideal to get a system with a high amount of bass that can be turned up or down as per your preferences.

In this way, you can ramp that bass up for the really high-beat songs and turn it down for those that have more intricate sounds that you wish to focus on. There is no perfect bass level for every song so you are best to give yourself the freedom of high bass with the flexibility of adaptability.

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