Top 10 Ways to Extend Tire Life

Nowadays, the truck tires are tough, they are going through a lot of abuse and still work fine, but in the long term, neglecting tires can be costly. People often take the tires of the truck for granted. However, the truck tires need attention, maintenance and close monitoring every season. The continuous friction between the tire and road damages the tire and can lead to accidents, or the efficiency of the truck may decrease if not appropriately maintained.

To replace a tyre, one can buy truck tyres online and request an appointment for servicing them online, but that is something that comes at the end. What we are focusing on here is to avoid frequent purchasing and frequent replacing. As leading tyre and accessories suppliers in Australia, Oceanic Direct provides its customers with suggestions that can improve the lifespan of their tyres and I am glad to share some of the most important ones with you here:

Keep tires properly inflated all the time

The most crucial factor in tire maintenance is keeping the tire in proper inflation; this is a must for safety reasons. Tire’s efficiency and durability increases when the appropriate pressure is maintained.

Over-inflation can lead to tire blowouts by causing excess wear in the centre of the tire. Under-inflation also reduces the tire life as the weight is unevenly dispersed. It can lead to driving dangers, structural failures, ruptures and many other problems.

The importance of tyre rotation

Another factor that you must be paid to make most of your truck tire is the tyre rotation. The tire’s wear tendency depends on its position; the front tires tend to wear on the shoulders. The rear tire wears out faster the front tires because they get scrubbed.

The tire rotation helps even out the wear; you must rotate the tire at least once. Often tire rotation gets neglected as they are time-consuming and complicated, but they should be made the part of regular servicing.

Wheel Alignment

Irregular wear mostly happens because of poor vehicle alignment. The vehicle should be aligned regularly to avoid the irregular wear of the tier. Proper alignment also enhances the efficiency of the tire by 30 percent.

Different types of vehicles have different tire alignment needs, depending on the industry they are used in and the weight they carry. Due to the road condition and the pressure, the alignment can be knocked out, and the result is seen in the tire.

Record Information

Keep good records of the tires so that you know the condition of the tire you are using. It also helps you to avoid repeating the same mistake in the future by understanding the past patterns of removal, age and condition.

The information that you should be recording is inflammation pressure, wear trends and mileage. You can use this information to analyse the performance and make comparisons to make the required changes in the specifications.

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