Purchasing your first car is always special. When you buy a vehicle with your own money, that mean shows you have made it. But getting an automobile is not a child’s play as there are things you need to keep in mind to get value for your money. This article will make you aware of what to ask your dealer about the car to find out the best possible deal on your vehicle.

1.  Ownership Cost: When a car’s value is determined, certain other factors add to the final cost such as maintenance and more.

Customization: It is natural to customize your car to your taste. But every other sort of customization costs a different amount of money. Ask your dealer about the amount of each before agreeing to the unnecessary customizations.

Taxes: It is essential to confirm with your dealer about such taxes before you finalize the purchase as you do not want to overspend your budget.

Insurance: be sure to search for the most cost-effective vehicular insurance that either the car company or the dealer offers. Go through the documents carefully to find out more about the areas that particular insurance covers.

2.  Engine and Transmission: Note the overall displacement capacity of the engine’s motor, and the number of cylinders within the same. Compare it with other models before choosing the right one, as per your requirement.

Choose in terms of your preference, whether you want gears or automatic transmission or semi-automatic transmission, in your car.

Though this choice will not affect its performance, it will make you uneasy and harder for you to drive, if you make the wrong choice. So, research these options and choose wisely.

3.  Safety: With accidents increasing at an alarming rate, it is essential to double-check whether the car has undergone vehicle testing & safety services.

Safety Alarms: motion detectors, black box camera, reversing sensors and airbags are the must-haves for any vehicle.

Headlights: though it may not seem like an immediate safety feature, it is quintessential for the model to issue an automatic headlight to avoid the road-kill of animals at night.

Electronic control and brakes: the brakes must possess the anti-lock feature so that your automobile does not skid or the wheels do not get locked in a tricky situation. It is also mandatory for a car to have electronic stability control so that bumpy roads do not cause it to spin or slide.

4.  Warranty and Depreciation Value: A new automobile will naturally be in a perfect state. But one should know its resale value in the coming years so that if you wish to shift to a newer model, the resale value of the current one makes it worthwhile. Thus, choose a vehicle that offers a maximum warranty period (of at least five years) to have value for the price.

After surveying as many cars as you can and going for the one that best suits you, do not forget the ultimate step. Take it for a test-drive, preferably at night, so that you can test out the maximum number of features and make a better choice. Happy car-hunting!

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