Selecting the Right Trailer Parts and Trailer Safety

To help protect your trailer, you should usually select different parts based on the number of axles. When you have four or more axles, it is best to use a new style of tow bar known as a Dorsey bar. This is unlike most other bars, parallel with the ground and secured by two bolts along each side. This type of tow bar gives your trailer more stability due to the uneven weight distribution and reduces wear on suspension components because there are no bolts that can dig into your frame.

When you have less than four axles, the most popular tow bar is a traditional style tow bar with only two bolts on each side. These types of tow bars are prevalent among owners because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Most travel and fifth-wheel trailers require this type of tow bar to meet their specific width requirements. There are also new types of trailer tow bars, such as a Lonnie ball tow bar, which can be used with fewer axles if you understand that your frame may need to be modified for proper fitment.

Because all towed trailers have different weight capacities, you must select the right trailer parts based on your own vehicle’s weight capacity. Never use a tow bar recommended in a catalog lower than your vehicle’s capacity because this could result in your trailer crashing into other vehicles or getting stuck on the highway. Always use a towing guide that shows weight capacity heights, not just gross weight limits, so you can accurately determine how much weight your trailer can safely accept.

When purchasing new parts for your trailer, remember that you want to choose parts that are made specifically for travel trailers and fifth wheels. While most hitch mount sway bar replacements are designed to work on nearly all vehicles, and many trailer tow bar kits fit nearly every vehicle made, including motorcycles, some parts may need modifications. Always check the online listings of any parts you are considering purchasing to ensure they will be compatible with your vehicle and trailer.

Since most travel trailers and fifth wheels have set up dimensions, you need to know the width of your vehicle before selecting the size of your tow bar. Since most travel trailers are no longer manufactured to meet the width restrictions previously, owners must install wider trailer tow bars than those included in many road ATV kits or other aftermarket accessories.

A towing guide is a must when making trailer purchases as it helps you identify which parts will be needed and ensures that you get the best fit possible. If you need more clearance between your tow bar and your bumper, this could damage your vehicle or cause poor handling when traveling.

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