Risk Mitigation for Commercial Truck Operators

Being responsible for one or more commercial trucks carries a considerable amount of risk exposure, so it’s important for companies to be conscientious and proactive about safeguarding their operations. Here are three fundamental components of a well-balanced risk mitigation plan.

1. Include Driving Background Checks in Your Hiring Process

If you’re responsible for a fleet of commercial vehicles, it’s important that you take steps to assure that every driver who you put on the road is adequately qualified. In addition to verifying drivers’ commercial license endorsement, perform a driving record background check. This can give you information not only on a driver’s record operating a commercial vehicle, but also his or her driving record operating a car for personal use. You should consider a history of several accidents or an excessive number of violations to be a red flag. Quality controls in your hiring process can protect you in the event that a claim for negligence brought against your company after an accident includes a claim for negligent hiring, a common feature of legal claims against companies based on the actions of one employee.

2. Protect Yourself With Comprehensive Insurance

The cost of insurance for commercial vehicles can be relatively expensive in some marketplaces, but you can insure your operations affordably by working with an insurance company who is knowledgeable about the marketplace for your industry and has access to the most competitively priced carriers. For help with commercial truck insurance in Glendale AZ, reach out to a company with extensive experience serving commercial clients in your area.

3. Make Vehicle Safety a Priority

Commercial trucks should be meticulously maintained. If something starts working improperly, it needs to be addressed right away. Failing to take immediate corrective measures after becoming aware of a problem could endanger the person driving the truck or other drivers on the road.

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