Must Have Tools for your Car

Car Smart has one of the broadest car tool inventories on the planet. You can get any type of tool you want, and if they don’t have it, they will get it for you.

Car tools are essential because machines are bound to break down at some point. They will help you maintain your vehicle and also do perform repairs when it breaks down.

Car tools can be the difference between life and death for example if you break down on a sparsely travelled road at night. Therefore, you should choose them wisely.

The following are car tools that you must have in your car at all times:

Jumper Cables

It almost goes without saying that one of the most important tools to have is one that helps give your car life. Many drivers will attest from personal experience that jumper cables are completely indispensable.

Jumper cables are plugged to your battery and another energy source so that your car can get the energy it needs to start. If your car is completely immobile, jumper cables will help you get your car moving.

Jumper cables will not only benefit you but also others who don’t have them. A great tool is one that not only helps you but also helps others.

Socket and Screwdriver Set

When your car seems to be breaking down, it is often a small matter of loose nuts, bolts or screws. A simple action of tightening them can save you a lot of trouble.

With a socket and screwdriver set, you can easily repair problems underneath the hood of your car. The more socket sizes and screwdriver tips you have, the more you can fix if your car breaks down.

You should learn how to use this tool before putting it in your trunk. It is important to have this set because unlike jumper cables, other drivers will probably not give you theirs.

Duct Tape

I know it seems unconventional to view duct tape as a car tool but its wide range of applications make it indispensable to modern drivers. You can fix almost anything temporarily using duct tape.

When your car breaks down, it is often the case that you need to fix something for a short while before you can get to the mechanic. With duct tape, you can reattach many of the parts that can fall off and slowly head to the shop.

Tow Strap or Line

You cannot always depend on good Samaritans helping you when your car breaks down. One of the ways you can help yourself is having a tow strap or line for other vehicles to help tow you if you are stuck.

A tow strap can be the difference between waiting hours for a tow truck or quickly getting your car fixed. Ensure you get a strong one which can handle the weight of your car.


Flat tires are the most common of vehicle malfunctions. Changing a tire should not always involve calling AAA. You can easily do it yourself.

To change a tire, you must have a jack. Even the strongest of men cannot change a tire without one. If there is one tool you must have in your car, a jack is probably it.

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