Must-Have Equipment For Opening A Service Center

If your dream is to open your very own service center, then you’re going to need to make a list of items you’re going to need. Equipment is a necessity to not only work on cars but to help paint and detail them as well. We’re going to share with you our list of top must-have pieces of equipment for opening a service center in your local area.

Every shop has air tools to help with regular tasks. Whether it’s filling up tires or using an air-powered impact gun, you’re going to need an air compressor. Most service centers will utilize a large air compressor which is stored in a back room. There are lines that lead to every bay in the shop to provide air for each technician. You’ll want to do a quick search online to see what size compressor is going to be recommended for the working area of your building. This will ensure that all your technicians have air when they need it to do their work.

Unless you only plan on doing a couple of odd jobs, you’re going to need lifts. The height of the lift is really up to the restrictions of your buildings and your personal preference. Realize that you’ll also want to be sure of the weight capacity of each lift you’re purchasing so you know which vehicles can go on it and which ones can’t. You may want to purchase a variety of different lifts for various bays that handle different weight capacities. This will allow your technicians to work on a variety of different vehicles with ease.

Draining fluid from a vehicle is something that your technicians will be doing often. Typically, oil is the most popular, but there are also things like transmission fluid that will need to be collected when released in large volume. A standing oil caddy is a great piece of assistance for your techs to keep their working environment clean. While you may not need a caddy for every bay that you have, it’s a good idea to purchase a couple of these so your mechanics can stay busy.

Painting is a job that requires some space which is cleared out from other objects. A paint spray booth is a great addition to your service center that can keep the paint away from other objects in your shop. We suggest you look into the ones at as they can start to give you a good idea on what type of paint booth is going to be right to fit your shop’s needs. Remember that size is going to determine whether or not it will fit in your shop or on your property as well as what sorts of vehicles you can paint.

When you go to open up your own service center, there are no doubt many things going through your mind. One of these is the need for equipment. While there is a ton of equipment options out there, when you’re first starting, there are some bare-minimum purchases that you should make to ensure your service center is operational.


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