How to Keep a New Car Looking New

If you have decided to keep your car for a few years rather than buy a new one at the first sign of wear and tear, then it’s best to keep a checklist of ways to keep your ride looking and driving like new.

Regular Maintenance

It goes without saying that you should keep up with your car’s regular maintenance schedule. Even if it’s purring like a kitten, make the commitment to take it to a dealership on the timetable they recommend. Often a certified technician can catch a problem before it becomes big and expensive.

Routine Cleaning

Just like you polish a nice pair of shoes or shine your jewelry so it sparkles, cleaning a car both inside and out will help protect it against the elements. Running your car through a brushless car wash a couple of times a month will keep the dust and road dirt from breaking down the paint. A more thorough Waldorf car detailing every few months will help keep your car in tip-top shape.

Protective Coating

There are various types of after-market protective coatings that you can have applied to the paint and chrome details of your car. Consider wax, paint protective film or a ceramic coating to keep the shiny parts of your car shiny.

Upgraded Accessories

Upgrading the floor mats will help protect the interior of your car from whatever is on the bottom of your shoes and whatever you bring into the car like fast food drinks. Choose mats that are easy to maneuver in and out of your car and to clean. If you like the look, investing in a nice set of wheels and rims can set your car apart from others and keep it looking, if not hot off the assembly line, at least very well cared for.

Cars are big investments, and unless you have unlimited disposable income, it’s wise to keep yours running well for as long as possible.

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