Enhance the performance of your Mercedes with wheel spacers

Although Mercedes is the top-notch brand of vehicles, still to improve the aesthetic of your Mercedes, wheels are what pop up its looks. After acquiring your favorite model of Mercedes the very first consideration is upgrading of wheels. It is the most popular and sometimes little expensive modification that adds pogi points as well as performance to your Mercedes but when it is done properly.

Mercedes wheel spacers widen the track (parallel distance between wheels) to improve the handling or cornering of the vehicle. You have to be more careful while shopping wheel spacers for your Mercedes and have to keep the following points in mind:

·        Quality:

Simply, no compromise over quality. You can find a variety of affordable spacers online, but these may get cracked when stressed. Buy from a reputable online store like 4WheelSpacers.com and never forget that saving some three of four digits is not worth the risk of compromising your safety.

·        Thickness:

Going wider by choosing a thicker spacer is a bad option. Thickness adds unnecessary stress to the wheel bearings and suspension. It is advised to not go over the top with a thickness of spacers.

·        Right fitment:

Pitch circle diameter (PCD) and several studs always need the right spacer to get fitted.  Always go with precise fitment.

·        Mount each wheel carefully:

Before bolting on the wheel place the spacer against the hub in a flat position. Never over tight the lugs or you may face damage to studs or spacers. Using torque wrench is a perfect option.


To get CNC engineered, double surface treated, and a black anodized spacer made up of highest grade forged aluminum alloy wheel spacer for your Mercedes 4WheelSpacers.com is the perfect online platform for you. 4WheelSpacers.com provides the best and safest online shopping experience to its customers.

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