Do I need tool insurance?

If you work in gardening, plumbing, construction or any other trade that requires the regular use of tools, you should understand that tool insurance is vital when considering taking out a business insurance policy. Should your tools be stolen, damaged or lost, your livelihood is at stake and tool cover on your policy can give you great peace of mind that you won’t be left without the crucial tools you need for too long.

Here are some handy tips for keeping your tools secure:

Tool insurance – when organising your business insurance, it’s important to cover the complete value of your work tools. Without insuring the whole amount, you could be reducing the amount you’re offered if you need to make a claim. Not all policies offer a new for old level of cover and under certain policies, the age, condition and usage of a tool will be considered when making a pay out on a claim.

Security – Most policies will require that certain security conditions are met and specify rules around how your tools are kept secure. Whether your tools are kept overnight in a building or a van, they should be in a locked compound with certain alarms fitted.

Should the worst-case scenario occur, and your tools are stolen, be aware that when you make a claim you will be expected to provide proof of the type of alarm you have inside your vehicle.

How you can prevent having your tools stolen – Ideally, you wouldn’t ever need to make a claim but with vehicle crime on the rise and specialist tools being worth thousands of pounds, thieves are drawn to them. Here are some steps to take to avoid becoming a victim:

Don’t leave your tools unattended even if only for a few minutes. Thieves are skilled at working quickly and seizing any opportunity.

Get a vehicle tracker. Should your van be stolen along with its contents, a tracker is a great way of locating it and hopefully getting your tools back. For Vehicle Tracking, visit

Mark your tools. You might want to paint the tips to make them less desirable to thieves and more easy to identify. Etching is also effective and difficult for thieves to remove. Invisible markers are also available and make tools easier to trace if they are stolen.

Check your alarm. Make sure your alarm meets the conditions on your insurance policy. If it doesn’t, you will need to keep your tools with you at all times whilst on a job and take them into your home at night.

Double lock your property. When keeping tools in your van, consider padlocking them inside the vehicle and parking in such a way as to make opening the side or rear doors harder to prise open.

Should you find that your tools are gone and there are signs of forced entry to your property or van, take photos for both the police and your insurance company. Report the theft to the police straight away, so you can obtain a Crime Reference Number which will be needed by the insurance company.

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