3 great presents for a little fan of Formula 1

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Christmas is coming. If you haven’t still chosen a present for the little Formula 1 fan, here are the ideas that may help you with it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

We know – choosing a present for someone passionate about cars and motorcycles and having no idea whatsoever about the industry can be a hard nut to crack. Even if it is your regular five-year-old! Decoding the brand and model names can be tiring and frustrating for ones who have no interest in the cars or f1. That is why we have prepared this article that may give you some inspiring ideas. All the presents mentioned below are easy to buy online or in stationery shops. What’s important, they are completely safe for the little ones. Let’s have a look at the top suggestions!

Original helmets

A present that is a pure joy for collectors and enthusiasts of Formula 1 – the helmet cannot be a missed choice. It is not only a decorative object but also a practical accessory to use to increase safety. Can you imagine a better present for a little f1 passionate, as well as his parents?

Which one to choose? The easiest is to do the research on the preferences of the little one. He may be completely devoted to one of the legendary drivers and not accept the other ones.

Fernando Alonso helmet for sale will be most likely the bull’s eye! This Spanish driver is relatively young but has already become the true legend of the Formula 1 race. He won two times in the years 2005-2006, as well as the 24-hour race Le-Mans. He is very well known especially among the youngest generation of F1 fans.

You can also choose the other models, such as the Michael Schumacher helmet or Lewis Hamilton’s one.

The helmet is carefully designed, being a replica of the one that Fernando Alonso has used in his F1 races. You can choose from various models, adjusting them to the preferences of the little one.

The F1 duvet cover

Beautiful and perfectly fitting to the children’s bedroom, it will give the little F1 fan sweet… and racing dreams!

The F1 baby car

For the littlest Formula 1 enthusiasts, we recommend buying a little F1 car! Suitable for indoors and outdoors, it will make the baby feel like on the racecourse. However, don’t worry – it is 100% safe as the high speeds are not allowed! What about pairing this present with the helmet?

When choosing the baby car, pay attention to the certificates that it holds. Also, make sure that its wheels are suitable for use on various surfaces. This way, the car will be not only cool but also functional present.

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