Why Turn a Cargo Trailer into a Mobile Retreat

When you want to get away from everything for a bit, but do not have the budget for a full vacation, why not build a personal retreat in a cargo trailer? This can be cheaper than buying an RV and sometimes even cheaper than putting a permanent shed in your yard. You can also customize the space from the bottom up and take it with you when moving or camping.

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A stay-cation is often cheaper than a hotel room and a cargo trailer converted into an office, she-shed or man cave is often cheaper than using an RV. The reason for both is that you are paying more having the amenities you need provided by someone else. Not every mobile retreat will need the kitchen, bathroom or bed standard to RVs either. You can sometimes find the space in your home to turn into a retreat but using a trailer will save you that valuable space and give you more distance from your to-do list. You can usually even find cargo trailers for sale Delaware companies who offer new and used listings, parts and service so you can choose the size and style best suited for your plans.


Cargo trailers are durable blank slates meant to be customized and many companies turn them into mobile workshops for construction, landscaping or utilities repair. This makes it easier for you to customize the interior with the furniture, cabinetry and colors that you want for your retreat. You can even insulate the space better than most commercial RVs or your average tool shed to stay comfortable year-round.

Turning a new or used cargo trailer into a mobile retreat, office or camping trailer can be a good way to get the custom space you want to relax in for a fraction of the price. You can design your favorite aspects into the trailer without having to take out any of the standard features of commercial RVs or shifting the rooms in your home for the space.

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