Top 6 Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Maintaining a car can be a lot of work but it is an important component of car ownership. The better maintained a vehicle is, the longer it will last. The best way to do this is preventative car maintenance. Getting regularly scheduled checkups will save money, in the long run. Most of the maintenance can be done without going to a shop. Some car dealers offer a maintenance service for cars bought from their lots. Lilliston Ford dealership in New Jersey does this. This ford dealership in New Jersey offers 2-year complimentary service with the purchase of a vehicle. Below are 6 maintenance tips that will prolong the life of a car.

  1. Maintaining the Engine

Maintaining the engine is very important when trying to prolong the use of a car. Car owners know that when it comes to their car maintaining the inside of the engine is important but checking the exterior should be done as well. The exterior of the engine needs to be cleaned regularly. Oil spills and other debris need to be removed before they cause other problems. Also check the drive belts, oil levels, and the engine coolant levels.

  1. Check the Battery

Without the battery, the car will not even turn on, which makes it an important component that needs to be maintained. Sometimes the battery may be working one minute and then when the owner goes to start their car nothing happens. Check the battery cables and their connectivity regularly. Check for any leaks or buildup around the cables. Check that the battery cables are connected to the terminals properly. If there is any residue buildup around the terminals they can be cleaned with a battery cleaning brush. A multimeter will allow the car owner to check if the battery is fully charged. Checking these things may ensure that the owner doesn’t get stuck on the side of the road, in the middle of the night because of the battery.

  1. Check the Cooling System

There is a lot of heat under the hood when a car is being used. The cooling system helps regulate that heat. Without it, the engine will overheat, stop working or catch on fire. To ensure this doesn’t happen, check the hoses. These hoses carry the coolant to the engine and may experience damage due to high heat, high pressure or just being old. The hoses should be checked regularly. Check the coolant reservoir to see if it is at the right level. It should contain a clear liquid. If it is low there might be a leak. Be sure to check the connections to make sure that they are tight.

  1. Check the Fluids and Tire Pressure

For a car to run smoothly and safely the tires need to be in good working order. Doing this tip regularly will not only save the car owner money but time as well. The tires should be inspected once a month. Checking the tire pressure on a regular basis will also help the tires last longer. Checking the fluids is also an important step. Check the oil, power steering fluid, the hoses, belts, and the transmission. Make sure the oil is at the right level and color. The oil should be replaced at regular periods. The transmission fluid has to be checked when the car is warmed up.

  1. Check the Brakes

As all car owners know, the brakes are a very important safety component to every car. Without the brakes an accident is inevitable. Brake failure can be caused by the rotors, brake pads, brake fluid, and the brake pedal. Although the most common reasons for brake failure are the brake pads and lack of brake fluid. The brakes should be checked regularly. The brake pad can be checked and the brake fluid replaced by going underneath the car.

  1. Clean the Interior

Protecting the interior may not seem like an important maintenance tip. The cleaner the car the more pride an owner will have in their vehicle. The more pride they have in the car the more they will take care of it. Keeping a car looking good makes the owner pay more attention to it. This means that when something does start to go wrong they will notice it sooner.

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