The Benefits of Public Transporation

There are many advertisements on television that display the latest vehicle model. You may live in a town with over ten car dealerships, with some even contracted by the same car manufacturing company. There’s a lot of corporate push to sell automobiles to homeowners and anyone who needs to commute. Less attention is focused on public transportation, available by public train, shuttle or galveston island bus service, although you can expect unique benefits many of us overlook.

Bonding Experience

The tourism industry relies on buses and trains to provide sightseeing to passengers, especially in bigger cities. Driving alone in your car doesn’t give you time to socialize, since you’ll have to keep your eyes on the road. Bus services invite family members to gather together, which is different than having them drive separate vehicles on busy highways. The atmosphere is more casual and enjoyable.

Less Air Pollution

Shuttle services are powered by electricity so they emit little pollution. Bio-diesel and hybrid-diesel engines are becoming more common, as they are environmentally-friendly solutions that are better for your health and help reduce the poor air quality common in urban areas and suburbia. They don’t consume as much energy as private vehicles, which rely on resources that are becoming more scarce by the day.

Saves Money

Cars are expensive. Even after you buy a car, you’re required to have car insurance by law and that adds more expenses. You don’t have to drive to the nearest gas station and pump when you’re relying on a shuttle to take you back home. This can save you $10,000 on transportation costs. You don’t have to pay for it when you’re not using it and you won’t have to worry about parking fare or traffic citations.

Better Commute

Some cities are notorious for bad traffic that could last up to one hour. Public transportation saves time for people who need to work or attend a meeting. With too many cars taking up roads in downtown areas, housing areas sprawled outside of the city to make more room for residents. Shuttles and buses may be leading the effort to reduce sprawl since they reduce automobile traffic.

Public transportation is contributing to a better ecosystem by allowing you to travel without stress. Shared commute reduces pollution and runs on engines that conserve energy and emit less carcinogens. Whether you’re able to take a bus on schedule or if you plan on taking a stateside trip, you may not regret choosing a shuttle over your own vehicle.

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