How Auto Dealerships Can Protect Their Inventory

You’d be hard-pressed to find a business for which inventory management isn’t a priority. However, when it comes to auto dealerships, keeping track of product should be of paramount importance. Given how expensive cars, trucks and other vehicles are, one unaccounted for piece of inventory is liable to represent a considerable financial loss. Fortunately, keeping inventory safe doesn’t have to be an uphill battle for dealerships. In the quest to protect the vehicles on your lot, the following tips are sure to come in handy.

Invest in Inventory Management Software

While there’s nothing wrong with taking physical stock of your inventory on a regular basis, dependable inventory management software can prove tremendously helpful to dealerships of all sizes. The right software can ensure that you know exactly where each of your vehicles is at all times, thereby protecting your cars against theft and preventing your staff from losing track of them. When shopping around for cutting-edge inventory management software, make sure to visit Widely used by dealerships and rental companies, Zurich Connected Cars provides clients with convenient OBD adapters that enable their vehicles to be tracked through a user-friendly mobile application. Dealership owners looking for complete peace of mind are sure to appreciate the simplicity and convenience Zurich offers.

Install Security Cameras

Large dealerships and car lots can benefit from reliable security cameras. If your lot is fairly small, you may be able to survey your inventory in a matter of seconds. On the flipside, taking full stock of a larger dealership’s inventory can be a fairly arduous undertaking. Installing security cameras all around your lot can help nip this problem in the bud. Being able to monitor every area of your dealership from a remote location will be a boon to security personnel and make it much easier to catch thieves in their tracks. Sure, good cameras will set you back a little financially, but the convenience they offer should prove well worth the expense.

Hire Overnight Security

For most large dealerships, it’s generally a good idea to employ overnight security personnel, especially if theft or attempted theft has proven to be an issue. In addition to monitoring camera feeds throughout the night, seasoned security personnel will be able to instantly respond to trespassers and potential thieves. While hiring overnight security may cost money, it stands to save your dealership a considerable sum in loss prevention. Additionally, when searching for the right security firm, look for companies with experience in guarding car lots.

While smaller dealerships may not experience inventory mishaps on a consistent basis, problems with inventory can plague both mid-sized and larger car lots. Instead of resigning yourself to accepting the occasional loss, you can ensure that your entire inventory is accounted for by taking some basic security measures. Dealerships looking for effective ways to protect their product should put the previously discussed pointers to good use. A little bit of follow-through and forward thinking can go a long way in keeping your lot and inventory out of harm’s way.

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