Evey Swayland’s Climb to Automotive Success

Over the years Evey has worked on an impressive amount of high-end automotive programmes, so it’s no wonder 3 months after graduating she was flying around the globe with The Grand Tour.

From Audi commercials to Sky Sports F1, it is clear Evey’s specialty is working with cars. We wanted to get a look at the woman that is climbing the automotive sector, and fast. What we admire about Evey is her ability to find the funny in the small things. See below for a video she shoot with James May, of The Grand Tour. A hilarious little video entitled ‘Germs Make Mistakes’. It is also Evey’s blend of automotive knowledge and film that make her irresistible for any car show in the world. Not only does she have the ability to organize a shoot in a totally unique landscape, but she has the ability to negotiate the toughest terrains with the fastest vehicles’.

So had did this all begin?

I went to University for 3 years, as most people do and I hated it. I spent every penny I had trying to get onto the floor of shoots. I wrote letters to producers and directors and worked my way up from there.

I was raised with a car fanatic. My dad used to race a Zakspeed ford escort mk2 and his favorite car that he built was a Thundersaloons May 1989

Snetterton. He took me to a race when I was young and came 2nd overall at the Cosworth Toyota starlet.

Dad’s earliest memory of me with cars is letting the hand brake off the race car trailer and it ended up in the neighbors bushes. He would race thunder saloons and build race cars and was always in the garage tinkering with something -I was his second daughter. My parents decided to stop at two and thus I became my dad’s son -No really! He taught me about cars, he took me to races and bought me the tiny Ferrari jumpsuits. I was raised in the pit lane. The day my brother came along my career as dad’s sidekick ended, so I took up photography. When I went to film school I knew I wanted to shoot cars. Three months out of University and I was working on The Grand Tour.”

When did it become a reality that all of your hard work had paid off and your dream job was real?

“The first shoot I went on was to Morocco, I had no idea what I was doing and scrambled my way through it, the second shoot I went on, I was prepared. There was something about looking up at Jeremy Clarkson hanging out of a helicopter with his trousers down that made me think, oh, I think this might actually be a dream.’

It is no secret that not only the motoring world and the entertainment industry are still primarily dominated by men. Did this ever deter you?

Absolutely not. I follow the careers of female directors, female drivers and female shooters. My Director of Production was a woman, Zoe Brewer and believe me when I tell you she ran the show. She is incredible and if ever I thought ‘I can’t do this’ she would put me on the next shoot to remind me I could. Quality or quantity, there are women running the game in every sector, they hustle as big as anyone – maybe even more so.’

Aside from automotive, Evey has produced a huge range of short films. Some of which have won awards including her short ‘Belle’ for which she won Female Director. The short film follows a child’s perspective on alcoholism and how she protects her teddy. Upon its release, Evey received many emails from people expressing admiration for the honesty and impact the video had on their lives.

‘One particular teenager emailed me after seeing my short at a festival because my short had encouraged her to speak out about what she was going through at home. During her GCSE’s she had been a victim to some violent alcoholic outbursts. It was so upsetting to read but bitter-sweet in that she would now reach out for help.’

In addition, one of Evey’s productions ‘Needless Things’ was nominated at RTS as well as 4 of her other works which have been nominated.

‘It’s important I get behind projects I love and feel passion for, as I have worked with some insanely talented people who have helped me thrive and blossom. I hope to give that experience to someone else on their way into the industry soon.

What’s next?

‘I am currently working on 3 car-related short films and writing proposals for 2 car-based reality shows. However much I try to branch out, my love for cars will forever be relevant in my work.’

Evey now has over 2000 followers on Instagram. Most of which are aspiring directors and car fans.




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