5 Tips to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash Fast! 

Owning a classic car is the dream of many, but a car has to be approximately 50 years old to reach antique status. The lifespan of the average car on U.S. roads is now at an all-time high at nearly 12 years, and most Americans keep their vehicle for at least seven years. However, eventually, your loyal transportation will likely become tired, worn, and too expensive to keep up. Fortunately, there are some effective tips to sell your junk car for cash fast and Michigan’s #1 Junk Car Buyer can help.

Consider Selling Your Car “As Is”

Experts estimate that car maintenance costs range between $.05 and $.10 cents per mile through the 25,000-mile marker. However, there’s a significant cost jump to maintain your vehicle through 75,000 miles, and then that cost increases again around the 100,000-mile range. The actual maintenance costs and expectations depend on several factors including the make and age of the vehicle. But if your car is becoming too expensive to maintain, consider selling it as is… warts and all.

Sell Your Car for Parts

If your car is in decent shape and you’re adept at removing parts and assessing them for their value, selling your vehicle for parts may be the best option. It’s definitely a way to get the full value out of your car. Batteries, tires, copper wire, headlights, and various other components can be sold easily and at top dollar. But you’ll also need a plan for the remaining body.

Prepare Your Paperwork and Your Vehicle

You’ll need to prove the car is in your name to sell it legally in Michigan. If you don’t have access to the title, make sure you obtain it from the license bureau. If you’re selling it to a private buyer, you may need maintenance documents and proof of repairs. You should remove plates and you’ll also need to cancel your insurance before selling your car to avoid having to pay premiums after it’s out of your hands. Be sure to remove anything of value inside the car that you can reuse or sell elsewhere before handing over your vehicle as well.

Accept Cash or Personal Check Payments Only

There are loads of car-buying scams out there, and most involve “too good to be true” scenarios. Everything from Craigslist to car lots can offer “great deals” that encourages instant, knee-jerk reactions to avoid losing the offer. Don’t buy into it. Only accept cash or a personal check as payment for your vehicle and never accept money wires or pay anything for “more money down the road”. The road’s a dead end and you’ll be out of a vehicle and your hard-earned cash.

Call Michigan’s #1 Junk Car Buyer

If you want to avoid setting up ads, waiting for calls and hoping sales don’t fall through, simply rely on Michigan’s #1 Junk Car Buyer. We’ll give you an estimate on your car’s worth based on your legitimate description. Then you can either drive the car to us or we’ll meet you, trade your title for cash for your junk car on the spot, and even tow your car away for free. Give us a call to get the ball rolling on selling your junk car fast for cash.

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