5 Safety Tips For Pedestrians

Going for walks can be a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the local scenery. However, it is not completely without risks, as being in close proximity to motor vehicles can lead to accidents. There are ways to minimize the chances of something bad happening while out for a stroll. Stay alert, obey local laws, use sidewalks, remain visible and avoid intoxicants to keep as safe as possible.

1. Stay Alert

Even on parts of the route where there is little traffic, it is a good idea to be alert at all times. Some vehicles are quieter than others and may be drowned out by the sounds of music. Using a cellphone while walking may not seem dangerous, but people have become distracted and stepped off of curbs without realizing cars were approaching. Remember that drivers may not always be on the lookout for pedestrians, so people who are walking near traffic need to be extra vigilant.

2. Obey Traffic Signals

It may not be fun to stand around waiting for a light to change so that a street can be crossed, but it is the safest option. While it may look like traffic is clearing up and a quick dash across the street is safe, a vehicle may turn the corner or try to slide through a yellow light without seeing the person in the road. Obeying traffic signals can help people stay safe. However, accidents do happen sometimes, so anyone who has been hit by a vehicle should consider contacting a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for advice.

3. Use Sidewalks When Possible

A sidewalk is usually the safest place for a pedestrian to walk. They are specifically in place to give people a place to stand or walk while separated from traffic. If there is no sidewalk available, walk on the side of the road facing into oncoming traffic so that all cars can be clearly seen as they approach.

4. Remain Visible

When people wear bright colors when walking outside, it can help drivers spot them more easily. The use of reflectors or lights can be helpful at night to alert motorists that someone is there. Try to stay in well-lit areas and make eye contact with drivers to be sure they are paying proper attention.

5. Avoid Intoxicants

Most people are well aware of the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol or certain drugs is dangerous and illegal. However, walking around in public while intoxicated may also be dangerous and can have legal ramifications depending on the region. The use of drugs and alcohol can dampen reaction times and cause people to make poor decisions. This can lead to people being hit by cars, motorcycles or other vehicles while walking around.

While there may be some risk involved for pedestrians who are out for walks, these can be minimized if proper steps are taken. It is possible for people to have a pleasant experience whenever they leave their house and end up with them returning to their homes safely at the end of their trip. If people are careful and act to protect themselves, then they can enjoy their walks in peace.

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