Month: May 2019

Do I need tool insurance?

If you work in gardening, plumbing, construction or any other trade that requires the regular use of tools, you should understand that tool insurance is vital when considering taking out a business insurance policy. Should your tools be stolen, damaged or lost, your livelihood is at stake and tool cover […]

4 Tips to Reduce Fleet Emissions

As concerns for the environment are increasing, have you ever found yourself wondering, how your fleet is impacting the environment? With the vast number of companies that utilize fleets to run their business, it’s clear that many professionals are facing the same challenge of reducing their carbon emissions while optimizing […]

Good news for car emissions

Vehicles are the largest source of CO2 emissions in Europe and there are record numbers of cars on the road. Despite this, The Society of Motor Manufacturer and Traders has reported in its Motorparc data set that the average CO2 emission is at an all-time low. A contributing factor is […]

Mini Coaches Vs Limo

Group traveling invloves having lots of people traveling together so we have to have a mini coach or a bus for the traveling. The enitre group can pile into a bus and have all the fun together by playing music , enjoying food and drinks and they don’t have to […]