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What Are Exhaust Smoke Stacks?

If you’ve ever watched a big semi-truck in curiosity as it cruises down the road, you have probably noticed the large exhaust pipes that protrude above the cab belching out exhaust. Some people in the truck hobby community find this an appealing idea because it is iconic and somewhat intimidating. It has become desirable for […]

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Duramax Diesel Engine?

Diesel engines are similar to gasoline engines in their construction due to their inclusion of internal combustion chambers, but diesel engines don’t need a spark to ignite the mixture of fuel and air. While there are many high-quality diesel engines on the market, Duramax diesel performance parts are known for their combined reliability and cost-effectiveness. […]


What the Future of Medium-Duty Looks Like

A fresh future with great new opportunities for medium-duty fleets is right within our grasp. Trucking will no doubt continue to be an integral part of today’s economy and transportation industry, with a need for efficient delivery in urban areas along with last-mile delivery demands. From medium duty parts to trends in the industry, here’s […]